Notice: Removal of Illegal Advertising in the Mangaung Metro Municipal Area

Click here to download the PDF for By-Laws on Outdoor Advertising 15 July 2013

The Mangaung Outdoor Advertising Control By-Laws were promulgated by Local Government Notice No 77 of 21 November 2008. In order to implement the By-Laws and to manage outdoor advertising within the Mangaung area, the Municipality appointed contractors to assist the Municipality with the implementation of its By-Laws whereby the contractors should remove outdoor advertising signage which is not legally erected in terms of the Outdoor Advertising By-Laws, of which a copy is available on the Municipal Website.

The following contractors were appointed for the removal of specific boards respectively, for the period 18 February 2013 to 17 of February 2016:

  • Big Twins
  • Lekhetho & Sons
  • Fikile Consultants
  • Amantla Events

Section 25(6) of the By-Laws stipulates that the Municipality, when it removes and confiscates the sign, is not required to compensate a person in respect of the sign in any way for loss or damage which results from its action.
Section 25(9) of the By-Laws stipulates that the original owner may repurchase a sign, which has been removed and confiscated which repurchase prices are according to the tariff structure determined by the Council from time to time.
Section 25(1) of the By-Laws stipulates that the Municipality may dispose of a sign which is not repurchased within two weeks.

Please note that the contractors are not allowed to return the signs to its original owners without the written instructions of the Municipality and after the payment of prescribed fine.
Any enquiries with regards to the removal of illegal advertising signs may be directed to the following:

Eugene Molebo
Acting Chief Advertising Control Officer
Tel: (051) 405 8540
Cell: 079 173 6742