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MMM’s Vision and Mission


In line with the Vision of our Metro as a
“globally safe and attractive municipality to work, invest and live in”
the following elements are part of the vision:

  • A democratic municipality, rooted in the Constitution, working with all sectors of the society to improve the quality of life of the people of Mangaung;
  • A municipality whose community is united in diversity, recognizing our common interests and greater equality of women;
  • A municipality that provides high quality of service delivery;
  • Create an ideal environment for our people to be able to work and have access to jobs and ensure that worker’s rights are protected and the workforce skilled;
  • Build a municipality that ensures that business afforded an environment to invest and profit while promoting the common interests of the community, including descent work;
  • An efficient municipality that protects local citizens, provides quality services and infrastructure as well as providing leadership for local development;
  • Ensure that individual and communities embrace mutual respect and human solidarity
  • A municipality that works closely with other spheres of government, business and civil society to build a better metro, province and country.


“To improve social and economic livelihoods through public participation, effective and efficient integrated governance system programmes”