Budget - IDP - SDBIP

Service Delivery and Budget Implementation Plan (SDBIP) 2019 / 2020

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Foreword by the Executive Mayor

It is my pleasure to present the Service Delivery and Budget Implementation Plan (SDBIP) for the financial year 2019/2020, prepared to provide the details involving the improvement of service delivery and budget allocations in accordance with the Municipal Finance Management Ac 56 of 2003.

Beyond compliance with the relevant legislations, our SDBIP serves as a sign of our commitment building a capable and developmental local government that is responsive, accountable, effective and efficient in serving the people of Mangaung. It serves as expression of our commitment, approved by the Council, as quantifiable outcomes to be converted into reality by the municipal administration of our City. Significantly, it serves as a framework for enforcement of accountability and performance management.

When we vowed to establish our City to be a globally safe and attractive to live, work and live in, we further committed to work closely with the local community, local business and other relevant stakeholders. However, in our engagements at varied forums it became evident that public education is still needed on the basics involving the SDBIP as only entailing those projects and programmes that have been budgeted for within a particular financial year. Notably, as guided by our municipal financial recovery plan, we have no choice but to invoke cost containment measures against the current economic conditions faced by our country.

This measure includes, amongst others, reducing overtime, and encouraging improved work efficiency while filling critical vacant posts. This is a critical matter for further engagement at the bargaining forums, however, this year we are striving for improved ethical conduct of the employees of the MMM. This, is the genesis of good governance.

Regarding the capital investment, the Council is particularly concerned about the sanitation related challenges facing us, and this is given primacy. These include water Infrastructure, transport, Road and Storm-water, inner-city rejuvenation and community Infrastructure.

It also pleases us that many other members of the local community are still provided with the Free Basic Services including free basic electricity, refuse removal, sanitation, free basic water and the property rates rebates.

All these undertakings stem from the IDP/Budget tabled and adopted by the Council on 31 May 2019, and this SDBIP, is aligned accordingly to both the IDP and the Budget. We therefore present our SDBIP as the basis for one year implementation and monitoring tool.