Water Interruptions by Bloemwater


Mangaung Metro would like to inform members of the community about the water interruptions that have been implemented by Bloemwater. The interruptions come as a result of an ongoing dispute between the two institutions. In our continuous efforts to ensure that the citizens of Mangaung do not suffer as a result of an avoidable tussle amongst ourselves and our service provider (Bloemwater), the City will, amongst others, revisit the court order that was earlier successfully lodged against the water entity.

Mangaung Metro has been consistent with monthly payments and the payment plan, as resolved during the National Treasury mediation meeting which took place on 04 July 2019. The only amount that is not being paid is the amount in dispute and this is the same reason that forced the municipality to take the legal route; as one of the options.

In our endeavour to ensure the restoration of water, the Executive Mayor has approached the Ministry of Human Settlements, Water and Sanitation to intervene in this prolonged dispute that is inconveniencing the citizens of Mangaung. The meeting seeks to bring the matter to its finality.

In our interaction with the South African Human Rights Commission we were warned of human rights’ violations as a result of the abrupt water interruptions by Bloemwater. As we have indicated before, water disputes have far-reaching consequences that range from household consumption, business and ultimately the economy of the city. It is our view that the intervention of the Ministry of Human Settlements, Water and Sanitation would assist in bringing the two institutions together in the interest of the community they serve.

We have dispatched water tankers in all affected areas whilst negotiations are taking place. We are equally mindful of the distress that this dispute is causing amongst members of the community and would want to assure people of Mangaung that we are doing everything in our power to ensure that that they are exempted from this dispute but provided with uninterrupted water supply as rate payers.

Issued by: MMM Communications