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Annual Reports / Financial Statements / Audit Reports for 2019/2020

The development of this current report took place during an unprecedented and challenging time. During the compilation of this report, the entire universe, South Africa and the Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality witnessed one of the most severe pandemic crises (COVID-19) which were never seen in decades. It also takes place at the time that the city is subjected to the intervention of the Provincial Government in terms of the provisions of Section 139 (5) (a) and (c) of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa. However, despite the challenges the city has developed this report in line with its five development objectives:

Organisational Strength

While Council is fully behind the intervention since it may serve a great deal of purpose towards effective implementation of the financial recovery plan, it is worth noting that the Council itself was not dissolved and its mandate, therefore, remains intact. This intervention has been impressive for the improvement in the governance of our Municipality. This has been largely due to relative stability at the top leadership of both the Council and the Executive arms of our governance structure together with the Intervention team. These plans are deemed as mechanisms to oversee good corporate governance practices. Lastly, the fostering of good relations with other spheres of governance. We dare not and will not relent in our quest for good corporate governance at our Municipality.

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